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Cost comparison between AgroRemed and conventional methods

These are estimates based on information publicly available and the actual costs might vary depending on the target end points and the timelines stipulated for a given contamination

Estimate for cleaning a ton of contaminated soil (TPH upto 125,000 ppm) using AgroRemed

Treatment method

Amount of AgroRemed


Cost per ton

Contaminated soil pile

 1 gallon per ton  $78.00

Open area spread out over 6" depth, for instance.

(a ton of soil can be accomodated in about 5 sq.ft area)

 1 gallon per 20 sq.ft $22.80

Estimate for treating a ton of contaminated soil using conventional methods

Task description

Cost per ton Total cost per ton

Disposal at the gate


Soil transport to the disposal site (as per

VaDEQ material code)


Clean soil replacement


Total cost for treating a ton of contaminted soil

 $84.00 per ton

Addionational notes

AgroRemed approach provides an end user with at least 2 options to choose from depending on the situation whereas in the conventional approach the customer is presented with limited options. Both AgroRemed and VaporRemed can be used for on-site mitigation of fuel contaminations at the construction sites. Furthermore, AgroRemed approach is a low carbon footprint alternative to the conventional methods involving transport and disposal.

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