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Frequently asked questions


Does VaporRemed work on asphalt? ?


Yes. VaporRemed eliminates fumes from most surfaces including asphalt. Furthermore, VaporRemed does not impact the asphalt surface. Oil stains are removed when washed soon after application.


Will application of SpillRemed (Marine) increase biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)? ?


No. SpillRemed (Marine) does not increase BOD. BOD rises as the load of organically rich waste that depletes oxygen in water increases, often creating anoxic or oxygen free conditions. SpillRemed (Marine) is rich in bacterial population, but not rich in organic nutrients that contribute to increase in BOD. Bacteria in SpillRemed (Marine) are aerobic and die in the absence of oxygen reducing the possibility of creating anoxic conditions. Thus, SpillRemed (Marine) does not contribute to an increase BOD.


Can VaporRemed be used for structural wood? ?


Yes. Fuel oil trapped in the pores of wood and other porous materials produces fumes, especially when the home is being heated. Room fresheners or fume suppressants are ineffective in eliminating fuel oil fumes as they do not address the source and the generation of fumes continues. VaporRemed, on the other hand, is a bioremediation product that attacks the source of the fumes – the fuel oil trapped in the pores – and eliminates the fumes almost immediately. We have found VaporRemed to be effective on wood, carpet, and packing materials that have been affected by fuel oil spills in basements.

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