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SpillRemed (Marine) included in the USEPA's NCP List

SpillRemed (Marine) has now been included in the National Contingency Product listing by the US EPA, this enables customers to apply SpillRemed (Marine) for open water ocean spills. Addition of SpillRemed (Marine) to this listing enhances the range of options available for cleanup   SpillRemed (Marine) is effective both for spills on water as well as for shoreline cleanup and can be introduced at any time in the life cycle of the spill: be it at the beginning of a spill while the crew is gathering material support to contain the spill or after completing the setting up of response and recovery facilities.

Unlike chemical dispersants, SpillRemed (Marine)® works on weathered oil (please view the attached report) as well, therefore providing the safety net in the spill-response decision-making process. It is a multi-tasking bioremediation agent and therefore can also be used not only for cleanup of floating oil but also is an effective polishing tool for polluted shorelines. SpillRemed (Marine)® is non-toxic and is thus not harmful to marine life and it is safe to handle.  US Coast Guard has also issued a no objection statement for use of SpillRemed (Marine) on-board ships and boats. SpillRemed (Marine) is available in a ready to use liquid form for easy application mechanically or through air.

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