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VaporRemed: Fuel oil fumes gone in minutes!!

Most heating oil companies have to deal with fumes produced by spills and splashes of heating oil during servicing, maintenance and repairs. VaporRemed is neither a deodorizer nor a fume suppressant but treats the oil at source and is environmentally safe. It is easy to apply and is sprayed directly on the surface and is thus a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solution for the homeowners and heating oil companies. ‘Freeze Resistant’ VaporRemed now meets the need of fuel oil companies as they can now carry VaporRemed in their truck even in freezing temperatures.

VaporRemed in action

VaporRemed with Sprayer


An HVAC contractor was replacing furnace in a routine manner and he had an oil spill on his hand. Even after excavation of soil, the fumes remained persistent and with VaporRemed the fumes were gone same day. In less than 3 weeks time the furnace was installed and closed the basement:

VaporRemed: VaporRemed: 3
Excavated pit sprayed with VaporRemed
New furnaces installed and basement sealed

To place order please contact Customer Service at 1-877-717-2782,

fax us on 419-710-5831 or email


1 The product did what it said it would do.” Homeowner, Long Island, NY

2I am so convinced that your product is the only one to use….” Heating Oil Co., PA

3I was very happy with the product we used…” OdorMasters, Las Vegas

4..I could sleep peacefully again…” HVAC Contractor, Ohio

5 ”The lingering odor was zero.” Environment Company, MA

    Please click here for the MSDS

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