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Clothes Reeking of Heating Oil (based on a true story)

Based on a true story

Steve is a dedicated service technician for a large heating oil provider in New Jersey. He enjoys his work but could not escape the smell of heating oil, and he was plagued by the difficulty of removing stains and smells from his work clothes. Even when he was careful to avoid any spillage, the heating oil vapors would permeate his clothing and leave him smelling noxious. Steve was all too familiar with having his clothes smell of oil after a day’s work—but even regular machine washing could not free his clothes from oil odors.

Steve began noticing the smell of oil emanating from his closet of supposedly clean clothes. Even on days when he didn’t work, his friends would complain of oil smells that were trapped in his machine-washed clothes. It got to be embarrassing, as his work seemed to follow him everywhere. Steve no longer has these problems. He has discovered Sarva’s VaporRemed.


Unlike other solutions that simply attempt to mask oil smells, VaporRemed eliminates vapors and their accompanying odor with a combination of vegetable oil and oil-degrading bacteria. VaporRemed’s fast-acting bioremediation and biodispersion processes free the fumes and diffuse the actual oil from the fibers of the cloth to eliminate oil stains and odors. This provides an instant and long-lasting solution and enables machine washing to actually clean the oil from the clothing. 

Now, Steve can go into work smelling fresh and not like an oil tanker. And with a single application, he can engage in social activities after work without having to shower and change clothes first. He’s even removed oil stains from clothes that he had previously thought of as ruined. VaporRemed has allowed Steve to free himself from the biggest drawback to his livelihood. 

 VaporRemed works on more than heating oil stains and odors in clothing. Quickly and safely remove all traces of motor oil, gasoline, and other oil-based solutions that were previously impossible to clean completely. Using VaporRemed before a thorough cleaning will help to completely eliminate oil stains and vapors wherever they exist.

VaporRemed Works!!

VaporRemed with Sprayer

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