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Cookouts and spills (based on a true story)

The Story of a Spill in the Grill

(Based on a true story)

Cookout: A time to relax and enjoy the summer evenings with your friends, family, children and pets.

Cookout: Not a time to worry about an oil spill, oh how unromantic, not to mention unsafe.

So how can one describe the feelings that rush through when witnessing a spill? The agony that does finds its way in words and phrases that is usually reserved...? What about the grass that is actually experiencing increased toxicity, of course the grass (borrowed personification!) might be using terms that we never hear.

VaporRemed Works!!

VaporRemed with Sprayer

VaporRemed springs into action and within minutes the fumes are gone within minutes. What about the grass? Grass seems to have developed an affinity to VaporRemed as they seem to co-exist until the job is done. Once the toxicity levels are brought back to the grass's satisfaction, VaporRemed bows out of the scene.

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